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My name is Andrew Dillon, and I own and operate D&D Photography. I am a 29 year old Firefighter/Emt, whom also holds another full-time job and holds my professional studio on the side. D&D Photography is a traveling portrait and event studio.  We shoot mainly in the client’s home or at another on-site location. Between my photography studio and full time job, I try to improve everyone’s quality of life. I hope you enjoy my site. If you want to chat, send me a contact sheet.  My full biography is below…. Enjoy!

     Since I can really remember, I have always been fascinated by photography especially the fact that a single image can reflect so many emotions, good, bad or indifferent. People always refer to their memory banks for mental images and usually wish they had physical photos as well. Or maybe it’s the simple fact of capturing an image that appeals to others in a special way, reminding them of another special memory. These aspects of photography are what drive me to learn, explore, challenge and improve my skills to become a better photographer and professional.

     My father had an interest in photography when I was little. My dad would explain simple things to me about taking pictures and why you would want to take specific photos. I was interested but never really thought I would be able to do anything with it. Why? Well, I was a kid who would never get a camera, and no one trusted me to take good pictures. So, that led me to my very first camera, a Kodak 110 film camera. This camera was long and thin, an odd shape really, and was teal in color. It had long cube flash stacks that made the camera look like a shiny L. I kind of wish I still had it if for nothing else than nostalgic purposes. Soon, it was proven I could take noteworthy photos, however, I was not granted full family photo rights yet. Dad still had that right with his film SLR camera, a KSX-P 35mm. When it finally bit the dust, I received my first SLR camera as a birthday present and was able to start exploring my photographic skills. My uncle Terry Holderread was a huge inspiration when it came to my early photography years. Terry had an amazing talent and eye for composing images and capturing those special moments. He always had increadible pictures framed around his house capturing the stories from his many mission trips and other life adventures. Terry had an amazing heart and passion for God. Had our family not lost Terry way before his time, perhaps I would have taken the leap into professional photography sooner. I do credit him for most of my initial inspiration and admiration of this art.
     As a hobby, I developed my skills and continue to improve each day. My friends and family have given me the courage to branch out and give my talent to others. As you finish reading this, I hope you enjoy my website and, of course, my work. If you have not done so already, check me out on Facebook and let me know if I can capture your special family memories.

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